Real Estate 101: Why Real Estate is leading the 5 pillars of Web3

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About Course

Why Real Estate is leading the 5 pillars of Web3

Welcome to the future of real estate.

Level 1 of of this course will delve into the five pillars of Web3 and their connection to real estate transactions and real estate professionals

Through straightforward, non-technical examples, we will examine how real estate is naturally taking a leading role in each of these pillars. 

By gaining an understanding of these pillars, professionals will gain insight into the crucial role that real estate and real estate professionals will play in Web3.

This course puts you ahead of the trends, and positions you as a leader in the blockchain and real estate industries.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Course Intro: (RE101) 5 Pillars of Web3 Technology
  • Session 1: (RE102) Blockchain Basics
  • Session 2: (RE103) Intro to Smart Contracts
  • Session 3: (RE104) MetaVerse Lands Overview
  • Session 4: (RE105) Securitized Token Offerings
  • Session 5: (RE106) Insight to NFTs

Course Content

5 pillars of Web3
Compare and contrast the 5 pillars of Web3 to traditional real estate transactions.

  • Real Estate Relevance
  • 5 pillars of Web3
  • Case Study: Web3’s profound impact Real Estate
  • Profound Impacts
  • Potential Benefits
  • Potential Benefits

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