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DeFi Demystified: The Investor Guide to Decentralized Finance

Ripples created over the past few weeks in the cryptocurrency markets have highlighted an important debate within the digital asset community: centralized finance and exchanges versus decentralized finance (DeFi) and exchanges. To fully understand this issue facing crypto, it is important to understand the basics of DeFi.

Last year our partners at Sarson Funds published a highly received overview of DeFi.  As the DeFi ecosystem develops, we share Sarson Funds’ belief that it is our fiduciary responsibility to provide our community with the information they need to best understand and harness this emerging frontier of decentralized financial capabilities, so we unveil the highly anticipated DeFi Demystified: The Investor Guide to Decentralized Finance.

DeFi Demystified presents an in-depth overview of DeFi, its capabilities, and the future of the ecosystem. Our aim is to provide the financial advising community with a credible source to better understand the power of crypto from both Wall Street and crypto experts.

As news and inquiries about this emerging ecosystem arise, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for the best-in-class DeFi education and investment strategies.




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