Privacy Policy

Sarson Funds, LLC 9465 Counselors Row, Ste 200 Indianapolis, IN 46240 Tel (317) 663-8084 

 Effective as of 01/01/20 

Protecting your privacy is an essential part of how we earn and keep your trust. This Privacy Policy will describe how we gather and protect your information. Should you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us at or (317) 663-8084. 



For the purpose of this agreement a “User” is an individual who uses our website or speaks with one of our associates either for educational purposes, recreational purposes or to evaluate our methods, performance, and automated investment service (“Service”). A “Client” is an individual who signs our Marketing Agreement and/or Subscription Documents for either Blockchain Momentum, LP, AX Momentum and/or Fifth Khagan, LP that entitles the Client to have her or his investment portfolio managed by Blockchain Momentum, LP (ETF Momentum Investing, LLC investment manager), AX Momentum, LP (Future Set, LLC trading advisor) or Fifth Khagan, LP (Fifth Khagan Management, LLC trading advisor) (Serve as “funds”). 



As a User we may collect personal information such as name, address, email, telephone number and other optional information you may provide, such as your age, investable assets, and risk tolerance, financial goals and objectives, income information and other similar household data. If you choose to become a Client, in addition to the information we collect from you as a User, we will ask you for, but not limited to, your full legal name, contact information, birth date, Social Security Number, citizenship, and other regulatory disclosures that may be necessary and required under Federal and statutory law. 



We will share your personal information as required by law or requested by regulatory authorities. Sarson Funds, LLC to maintain your non-public personal information in strict confidence. We may share your personal information with trusted third parties who are integral to the operation of our Website and Services, including but not limited to financial institutions, payment processors, verification services and credit bureaus. 



You may request deletion of personal information by emailing and providing us enough information to identify your account and prove that you are the owner of the identified account. However, we may retain residual information related to your account, as well as any data related to your trades, in accordance with applicable laws. In no case will we share any individual trading data unless required by regulators or other government bodies. 


You may decline to provide personal information to Sarson Funds, Blockchain Momentum, LP, AX Momentum LP and Fifth Khagan, LP. Declining to provide personal information to Sarson Funds, Blockchain Momentum, LP, AX Momentum, LP and Fifth Khagan, LP may disqualify your services and website features that require such.